Ballen v. Corbett
481 MD 2013
Full name Sasha Ballen, et al. v. Thomas Corbett, et al.
Filed 2013-09-25
Petitioners Sasha Ballen and Diana Spagnuolo; Jennifer L. Anderson and Lisa A. Fraser; Mark C. Baumann-Erb and Ronald S. Baumann-Erb; Jeffrey Becker and Kevin Taylor; Joseph Billips and Andrew Pruessner; Loreen Bloodgood and Alicia Terrizzi; Leigh Taylor Braden and Sophie Forge; Joan Brown and Jill Galper; William B. Cook and Clarence Samuel Warden; Marta Dabezies and Patricia Rose; Mary Margaret DeSouza and Kimberly A. Lane; Mary E. Flynn and Elaine A. Spangler; Dawn Grove and Tracy Harper; Karen Henry and Andrea Schaeffer; Joann Hyle and Kathryn Kolbert; Charlene Kurland and Ellen Toplin; Christine Lindgren and Andrea Myers; Marcia Martinez-Helfman and Sarah Martinez-Helfman; Nicholas Pantaleone and Anthony Ruffo; Ruth Parks and Michelle Schaeffer; Robert Polay and N. Nicholas Vlaisavljevic; and Kenneth Robinson and Richard Strahm
Respondents Thomas W. Corbett, Jr., Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; Kathleen Kane, Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and Michael Wolf, Secretary of Health of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Court Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania
Current status Filed on September 25.

Ballen v. Corbett is a 2013 Pennsylvania court case. 21 same-sex couples who were issued marriage licenses by Montgomery County Clerk D. Bruce Hanes filed a petition for review to have their marriage licenses declared valid and recognized.

The 21 couples had previously sought to intervene in Commonwealth v. Hanes, but the judge in that case decided that since the constitutionality of the marriage statute could not be raised by Clerk Hanes as a defense in defying the marriage law as written, their intervention would have had no effect.


  • 2013-09-25: Petition for review