This page is not maintained and is here as a record of a previous possible chart.

This shows the current status of each state and US territory, specifically:

  • whether they currently offer full marriage equality, civil unions (CU), domestic partnerships (DP), or reciprocal beneficiaries (RB)
  • whether the state constitution has been amended to limit marriage or all similar structures
  • whether there are any pending bills, court cases, or votes which may change any of the above
State Relationships Recognized Constitutional Bans Pending Changes
Marriage CU DP RB Marriage All similar
Alabama No No No No - 2006-06-28 n/a
Alaska No No No No 1998-11-03 - n/a
Arizona No No No No 2008-12-01 - n/a
Arkansas No No No No - 2004-11-02 n/a
California **complex No 2003-09-19 No 2008-11-04 - Perry v. Brown
Colorado No No No 2009-07-01 2006-11-07 - n/a
Connecticut 2008-11-12 2005-10-01 No No - - n/a
Delaware No 2012-01-01 No No - - n/a
D.C. 2010-03-03 No 2002-10-01 No - - n/a
Florida No No No No - 2008-11-04 n/a
Georgia No No No No - 2006-07-06 n/a
Hawaii No 2012-01-01 No 1998-01-01 ** - n/a
Nevada ... ... ... ... ... ... Sevcik v. Sandoval

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