Repeal of the Arkansas Marriage Amendment
Approved 2013-09-19
Proponents Arkansans for Equality, Judd Mann
Current status Ballot language approved; gathering signatures

Current ballot language

  • Popular name: Repeal of the Arkansas Marriage Amendment
  • Ballot Title:
    An amendment to the Arkansas Constitution to repeal Arkansas Constitution Amendment 83, the Arkansas marriage amendment. Amendment 83 provides that marriage consists of only the union of one man and one woman and that legal status for unmarried persons which is identical or substantially similar to marital status shall not be valid or recognized in Arkansas. This proposed repeal of Amendment 83, if approved by the voters, will not in itself legalize same-sex marriage, which is currently prohibited by Arkansas statute. This amendment will revive the General Assembly's authority to pass such laws relating to same-sex marriage as it deems appropriate.
  • Initiative language: Amendment 83 to the Arkansas Constitution is repealed.