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Robicheaux v. George
Full name Jonathan P. Robicheaux, et al. v. Devin George, et al.
Filed 2014-01-13
Plaintiffs Jonathan P. Robicheaux, Derek Penton, Courtney Blanchard, and Nadine Blanchard
Defendants Devin George, in his official capacity as the State Registrar and Center Director at Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals; Tim Barfield, in his official capacity as Secretary, Louisiana Department of Revenue; and Kathy Kliebert, in her official capacity as Secretary, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
Court United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana
Current status Complaint filed

Robicheaux v. George is a 2014 federal court case requesting that the Louisiana marriage amendment (Section 15) and statutory marriage ban (LCC 3520) be declared unconstitutional and the state of Louisiana give full faith and credit to all out-of-state marriage certificates.

After Robicheaux v. Caldwell was dismissed, and motions for reconsideration and for leave to amend were denied, the plaintiffs in that case filed a new suit naming state officials in the Department of Health and Hospitals and the Department of Revenue.

Combined with the ruling of the Supreme Court, this case eventually secured marriage equality across the state of Louisiana.


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